February 5, 2016
by TWWN Staff

February Movies We Can’t Wait To See

As we near the first weekend in February the Nerds sit down (at their separate desks) for a brief discussion of the movies coming out this month that we’re most excited about.

Kyle Bown: I seem to remember February generally being a slow month for movies. But not this year. Somehow there’s at least one movie coming out every week I want to see. And there’s something for everyone out there too. Whether you want superheroes, romantic comedies, a heist, or even an investigation into whether Jesus rose or not (judging by the fact that they have a specific line for group sales at the end of the trailer, I’m guessing the movie says he did). So, I ask you Nerds, what movie are you most excited for, other than Deadpool?

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February 4, 2016
by Daniel Villalobos

The Rank Awakens Episode II: All 2015 Releases I’ve Seen So Far, Ranked (1-30)

Here we go with Pt 2!

30) LEGEND – What’s better than one Tom Hardy performance? Two Mother F’ing Tom Hardy performances and in a gangster movie no less! Ah, I only wish the movie was better around these 2 Toms. Still worth a watch because he really is so good at what he does.


29) STEVE JOBS – There is something that separates the greats and the legendary. The greats are just as talented as the legendary, but legends elevate those around them. Kate Winslet said as much when she won her latest Golden Globe. She was talking about and to Michael Fassbender. He does carry this movie but not in the negative sense. Kate doesn’t really need any help because she is legend as well, but Seth Rogen who is a very talented man steps up his game here. Sorkin and Boyle do what they do and I don’t think it’s eithers best, it’s still pretty F’ing good. But Fassbender, damn he is good. Kyle Bown mentioned on TWWN Episode 8 our Top Ten/Oscar Pod, that he doesn’t necessarily become Steve Jobs but he is still great in the role.

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February 3, 2016
by Josh Moorhead

Josh Moorhead’s Completely Correct, Totally Indisputable Top 10 Movies of 2015

I’ve been doing movie top tens since I was in 7th or 8th grade. They’ve always been an opportunity for reflection in the moment and then a second opportunity to look back and realize I was the only person that saw or remembered that there’s a Billy Bob Thorton/Bruce Willis caper comedy called “Bandits.” They both fall for Cate Blanchett, things happen, it gets messy. But who remembers all that drama? Not everything, in the movies or real life, stands the test of time. But I’m certain much about 2015, from the job that brought me together with the other fellows of TWWN to the movie we talk about most, The Force Awakens, will be with us for the ages. Now without further fluff my top ten, so at least in another ten years I can say “Sicario… what was that again?”

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February 2, 2016
by Joshua Potter

Joshua Ranks The Only Ten Movies He Saw in 2015

Throughout last year and years prior, I operated under the idea I should only see a movie in the theatre if it was going to lose some of its “magic” when translated to the small screen. I avoided comedies and dramas and focused more on the big-budget, “popcorn flicks.” So get excited, because you’re reading the post of a guy who only managed to see ten different movies in 2015. Lame.

Resolution for 2016 and years going forward: see as many films as I can, regardless of their “magic factor” or genre. I mean, I’m kind of forced to see all of the things now that I’m doing this podcast with these other nerds, or whatever. Bet they have me under Force Persuasion, or something. Hopefully there’s a home-remedy for that… or maybe an ancient weapon or hoky religion to block it.

Since our “Top 10” pod, I’ve shuffled some things around a bit. When I see all of the other things on my list before the 88th Academy Awards, I’m sure I’ll do another reshuffle for films like “Creed,” “Room,” and “Straight Outta Compton.” So read-on, fair readers, knowing you’ll read-on again down the furious road of my indecision! (at this point, you’re asking if I’ll stop with my puns… I won’t)

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February 1, 2016
by Kyle Bown

Kyle Ranks His Top Ten Movies From 2015

As we start off our first year here at The Way We Nerd, the Nerds are each writing up their Top Ten films from 2015.  Except Dan, he kicked things off with the first part of his massive “Year in Review.” I’m going to be a little less ambitious and only post my top ten, which you’ll find below with a few brief thoughts on each film. There won’t be too many surprises (ok, maybe one or two). This was a pretty damn good year for films, even without that adorable little droid finally taking his place at center stage. Just know, there’s a lot of movie I didn’t see. And they don’t send me screeners yet. Without further ado, my 2015 Top Ten!

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January 31, 2016
by Daniel Villalobos

The Rank Awakens Episode I – All 2015 Releases I’ve Seen So Far, Ranked (31-61)

By H. Daniel Villalobos

Couple of pods ago, we chatted about our Top Ten movies of the year and as promised, I present you with every 2015 release I have seen. But a couple of things before you dive in the deep end.

I love movies, all I ask is that the entertain me a lot and maybe inform me a little. I like to do my learning the old fashion way. Reading. So I’d rather not be preached to.

So my criteria is simple, entertain me. Also, there are about 70 movies from last year I still want to see. This is list will be updated periodically when I see more 2015 releases. Now we got the boring stuff out of the way

HEEEERE we go!
61) AMOLISA – I love creative filmmaking. I love Charlie Kaufman movies. I love David Thewlis(REMUS!), Jennifer Jason Leigh(The Freak!) and Tom Noonan(Ax guy from Last Action Hero and Frankenstein’s Monster from Monster Squad), but I hated everything about this movie. The most human movie of the year, someone told me this. If this is what it is to be human, we are sad group of creatures. I don’t feel bad for just because you played it safe and are unhappy with a good paying job and loving family so you want to cheat on them. F you.

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