May 17, 2016
by Kyle Bown

TWWN – Ep. 23 – Assassin’s Screed

The Nerds you know and love are back at it again. This week we discuss video game movies (Assassin’s Creed!), Alden Ehrenreich as Han solo, a potential Harley Quinn movie, this week’s Game of Thrones and Josh pitches us his Recast the Reboot for Airplane!

May 10, 2016
by Kyle Bown

TWWN – Ep. 22 – Civil Warriors

The Nerds are whole again as Dan and Joshua return from their respective sabbaticals. We discuss some nerd news (Krypton, Star Trek, Batfleck) and dive deep on Game of Thrones (JON SNOW!) and Captain America: Civil War (SPIDER-MAN!!!). Spoilers abound, so listen before someone else tells you what we said!

April 29, 2016
by Kyle Bown

TWWN – Ep. 21 – Kyle and Josh

We’re shorthanded on this episode of TWWN. Kyle and Josh sit down to talk some Lost, video game movies and more Lost. Also, a little game of Thrones and political movies. It’s the best we could do with only two of us and little to no preparation. Enjoy!

April 22, 2016
by Kyle Bown

TWWN – Ep. 20 – Kryptonians and Tigers and Starks, oh my!

This week the nerds do deep dives on Syfy’s pilot order Krypton (a prequel to the Superman mythos), discuss the Superhero genre, it’s future, and the potential for Superhero fatigue. We also talk Jungle Book (both Disney and Warner) and finish with some speculation on who survived the season 5 finale of Game of Thrones, and where we’ll jump in on Season 6.

April 8, 2016
by Kyle Bown

Escape Pod – Ep. 1 – A TWWN Story

In the premiere of our new podcast, The Escape Pod, we talk about the Episode VII Blu-Ray rel;ease, discuss the amazing Rebels Season 2 finale and finally talk about the intriguing Rogue One trailer. It’s all Star Wars, all the time on the Escape Pod.

The Escape Pod is a Star Wars only podcast from the folks at The Way We Nerd. The Escape Pod won’t be done every week, but we’ll throw it out there when there’s enough Star Wars news, or when we just feel like we want to talk about Star Wars.

March 25, 2016
by Kyle Bown

TWWN – Ep. 17 – Classics, Critics and Cloverfield

In a shocking turn of events the Nerds discuss the latest Star Wars news, talk about BvS reviews and Disney animated movies. Finally, Potter pitches his reboot of Godfather (a movie we all agree should NEVER be rebooted) and discuss 10 Cloverfield Lane.


March 23, 2016
by Daniel Villalobos

DC Cinematic Universe – Part II: Batman


5batman batman-1989-8 batman-1989-7


Batman is so dumb. BIFF! BAM! POW! Are you serious?! Him and the boy wimp Robin, why the hell would they want to make a movie out of that?!?! In 1988, before the internet, nerdy magazines like Starlog(Really miss that mag) started talking about a movie called Batman. Most people, me included, knew Batman from the Adam West/Burt Ward TV series as well as the extremely vanilla Super Friends cartoon. I didn’t like either, yet. Neither show had the nostalgia factor going for them then and no one realized how brilliant Batman ’66 truly was. When I get to the DC TVerse, I will let you know brilliant it still is.

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