October 24, 2016
by Kyle Bown

My Grand Unified Theory of HBO’s Westworld

This post isn’t going to be as long or as clean as it probably should, but I just want to get this out there. Put my thoughts on paper.

After watching episode four of Westworld, I now have a theory. I’ve had Westworld theories before, but they’ve always been smaller one. This one, is a little bigger.

It comes in 3 parts, the first two I’m much more confident in than the third.

Part 1: The Man in Black is dying
In episode four we find out a couple of things. He doesn’t “have time for this pain by numbers bullshit.” He is low on time. He also runs an organization that helps sick kids (maybe more, that’s all we know right now). This leads me to think he may be dying, and he’s come here not for vacation, but for immortality. I think the Man in Black believes that if he can reach the center of the maze, he can live forever. Probably by uploading his consciousness into one of those lovely host robots.

Part 2: The Man in Black is very wrong about what the maze is
He is told that the maze isn’t for him. So, what is it for? I believe that the maze is where the hosts go when they are on the path to gaining consciousness. If a host makes it through the maze, I believe that they are not destroyed (as I’ve heard elsewhere) but, in fact, like Pinocchio, they become real. Or, at least, robots that and sentient, and self determined. They are freed.

Part 3: Bernard was a host who made it through the maze
This is the most out there part. But there are plenty of theories about Bernard being a robot. Often citing the way people interact with him. In this version, he would have been a robot, but was freed by making it through the maze. Now, he has sent Dolores on the very trip through the maze he took himself. Trying to free her.

That is where I stand right now, as of episode 4. Any thoughts, leave them in the comments. I’m sure we’ll discuss on this week’s episode of The Way We Nerd.

October 23, 2016
by Kyle Bown

TWWN – Ep. 45 – Switch-in It Up

This week the Nerds are one short as Dan takes a vacation. Kyle and the Josh’s start by discussing Nintendo’s next console, the Switch. They move on to discuss the Logan teaser, and Kyle asks a lot of questions about the X-Men film timeline that no one should ever ask. They follow that up with a Guardians 2 teaser talk, as well as who they think should die in the next Avengers film. Finally, they finish up with a discussion about episodes 2 and 3 of Westworld.

October 5, 2016
by Kyle Bown

TWWN – Ep. 41 – Fantastic Pods and Where to Find Them

This week the Nerds gather to discuss all the latest nerd happenings. Including the new Fantastic Beasts trailer, which leads Kyle into a deep dive of Wizarding World War II. They also discuss the live action Lion King, Star Trek: TNG turning 29 and The Magnificent Seven.

October 4, 2016
by Kyle Bown

TWWN – Ep. 40 – Fringe Benefits

This week the nerds are down one man and up a woman! Elena Salvatore joins us to talk the nerdy news including the new season of South Park. Then we go on a deep dive on the many amazing and less amazing parts of the sci-fi show Fringe!